Exercising has ALWAYS been a strong part of my life. I’ve played football since I was six and probably will in some form or another to the very end. Football creates the framework for my exercising, and I plan my other workouts to support and develop the characteristics that I need in it.

I’ve also tried other kinds of sports from skiing to acrobatics. I grew up in the countryside, and outdoor activities and nature sports are an important and fixed part of my weekly exercise habits. I love bicycling and jogging. They help clear your mind of everyday life’s hecticness, and you also get to enjoy some fresh air.

I discovered the gym in 2013, and it’s become a permanent part of my exercise habits. I like working out at the gym because of its versatility, variation, and freedom to plan my workout according to what my body and mind crave and need right at that moment.

I work out at EasyFit. The best thing about EasyFit is its close location and possibility to travel to other cities and always be welcome to local EasyFit gyms! Diverse exercising opportunities with free weights and my own bodyweight as well as having plenty of room are important to me when working out. These things are all possible at EasyFit. The customers’ wishes are also listened to when improving the gym. I was hugely surprised when a box I had asked for jump practices appeared in the gym within a month of me requesting it!

Important things in exercising include the good feeling after working out, easiness, versatility, and possibility to exercise together with my friends. As an influencer, I’d like to inspire people to do whatever sports feel good to them and to introduce these alternatives to them. Working out at the gym or running are not suitable for everyone. Luckily, there are plenty of other exercise forms to choose from, and you only need to find your favorite and most feelgood one.

My personal goal is to improve myself into a more agile, explosive, and versatile athlete. Let’s see what this year has in store for me!