Faster, stronger, fitter, more zen or a new image for Tinder? From EasyFit's personal trainer, you can easily get support and guidance for your training - regardless of your goal. We want you to feel good, achieve your goals and enjoy the best moments of your life, made possible by adequate physical fitness.

Training programs, one-off trainings, fitness testing, nutrition programs, training packages, small groups, as well as courses and occupational health services are available. Coaching services can also be implemented remotely.

Remember to take advantage of the free PT consultation for EasyFit members. In a conversation consultation, we map out your starting situation, your body's possible limitations and, of course, your own goals. In addition, you will receive important information about starting to train.

Book a free-of-charge PT consultation Order coaching

  • liikuntaneuvonta
    During the free PT consultation, the trainer reviews your initial situation, any pain conditions or injuries that affect training and recommends how you can proceed together to reach your goals.
  • yksilövalmennus
    Health, wellness and contentment are incredible resources. At best, a personal trainer can be an invaluable asset in achieving and maintaining them.
  • kurssit
    EasyFit centres regularly organize various courses and workshops.
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EasyFit personal trainerilla on paitsi asianmukainen koulutus (Europe Active, EQF Level 4), myös valmiudet ohjata turvallisia, tuloksekkaita ja kestävään muutokseen tähtääviä valmennuspalveluja sekä yksilöille että pienryhmille.