Why EasyFit?




Introductory videos

Familiarize yourself with EasyFit's services and instructions with the help of the introductory videos. The introductory videos tell e.g. about the range of…




Reward path

We reward you for your workouts! Register your training and you are automatically included in collecting fantastic prizes.



Treenaa helposti

Free training programs

Don't run around like a question mark in the gym, but train easily with the help of free training programs! Choose the most suitable for you from five different…





Start easy and take control of your training! During a 45 minute meeting, the trainer will give you a personal review of the equipment as well as technique tips…

Try easily. Get started easily. Train easily. The best price-quality ratio on the market.


Valmennus PTn kanssa
Health, wellness and contentment are incredible resources. At best, a personal trainer can be an invaluable asset in achieving and maintaining them.
Online training
You can work out anywhere and anytime thanks to our Online Services.

Introductory videos

How is the equipment adjusted, how do the lockers work and how do you manage your membership? Easy of course! However, familiarize yourself with EasyFit's services and instructions with the help of the introductory videos and you will get the job done in record time

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  • Accesing the center

    In the beginning, you can access the center with the pin code in the order confirmation and in the future with your own access key.
  • Customer service

    You can reach us in customer service, via e-mail and via the contact form.
  • Use of lockers

    This is how you lock and open the locker with the access key – so you don't need a separate lock.
  • E-invoice

    Avoid invoicing surcharges and activate EasyFit as an e-invoicer in your online bank.
  • Reward path

    Train and win great prizes! Could you manage 6 visits during the first month of training?
  • Coaching services

    Posture in the back or raw strength? The coach helps you find your goals and aim for them.
  • EasyStart

    The perfect service when you need help getting started at the gym.
  • Familiar with the gym

    What can you find in the gym? For example cardio, strength training and free weight machines!
  • Group exercise

    Group exercise is the best! The versatile selection of group exercise varies between the centres.
  • Virtual classes

    With the help of EasyFit's popular virtual classes, you can participate in the group exercise class you want at any time.
  • Online training library

    A strength workout in the garage, dancing in the living room or morning yoga in the fells.
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Information, support and motivation

  • Our customers' best moments

    I compete in biathlon at a national level and take part in mass skiing races in Finland and all over...
  • Our customers' best moments

    I want to show people that even someone in their forties can train hard and learn new things. Life...
  • Our customers' best moments

    Exercising has ALWAYS been a strong part of my life. I’ve played football since I was six and...
  • Our customers' best moments

    I take good care of my own physical and mental health by exercising. It’s always fun to go to the...
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EasyFit is a Finnish gym chain, where you get affordable access to all the services you need to exercise. Our centers smell good, you get help with training, the equipment is kept in good condition, our personal trainers know their job, there is always space in the gym and the virtual hours are easily arranged when it suits you. So how do you start working out? Easily.