I want to show people that even someone in their forties can train hard and learn new things. Life doesn’t end at this age – and not even for a long time after it.

I’ve struggled with my weight and already lost 35kg and counting. My neck and arm pains on my left side challenge my workouts, but I haven’t allowed this to slow me down. Instead, I’ve come up with ways to do things differently.

Exercising is important to me and I want to feel well and maintain and improve my condition. I love the feeling I get after exercising and enjoy having sore muscles after a workout. That way you know that you’ve exercised properly.

Nokia’s EasyFit is a very welcoming and nice place. There’s always room to work out, even when the gym is packed. I really like the warm-up room where I can do body care in peace and quiet. My own favorite workouts are stretching and leg exercises. I’ve also started running and really enjoy it. I want to encourage everyone to try the gym. If you’re too shy to do it by yourself, ask a friend to come with you.

The personal training services are also worth every penny. You’ll learn your way around the machines if you’re merciful towards yourself and understand that there’s a first time for everyone. And if you think that everyone at the gym stares at larger persons, you couldn’t be more wrong. I worked out at the gym when I was over 100kg and no one ever stared at me. Those kinds of thoughts exist only inside your head.